Process Diary | July 28, 2015


Draft Neighborhood ‘Blueprint’ Ready for Your Review

Las Cruces City staff and the project consulting team have refined ideas emerging from the weeklong public workshop in June into a draft “blueprint” for redevelopment in the West Amador neighborhood.

The document now moves through the usual City cycle of review and refinement into a final version to put before the City Council. Councilor Nathan Small, who represents the district that includes the West Amador neighborhood, talks about what comes next:

If you’re new to the project, you can read an overview of its goals here and an FAQ here. And in the posts immediately preceding this one are reports of progress at each step along the way.

Comments and questions are welcome. Please use the space below.

Thanks to all who participated in the workshop meetings and helped this process become the success envisioned by the City and neighborhood residents.

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    Resolution Adopting the Amador Próximo Community Blueprint
    Thanks to a collaborative effort from area stakeholders, property owners, residents, City Staff and citizens the resolution to adopt the Amador Proximo Blueprint will be presented at City Council on Monday, Oct 5th
    The goals of the resolution include:
    Leverage industrial & agricultural heritage
    Pursue infill redevelopment & growth in bite-sized increments
    Achieve a more walkable/bikeable mix of commerce & housing
    Provide better connections between where people live and work
    Develop an expanded range of housing and job choices
    You can review the completed Blueprint @
    Please join us to discuss this community conceived development. If you are unable to attend please send an email of support to or