Frequently Asked Questions

What’s this project all about?

Simply put, it’s a process to produce a neighborhood redevelopment plan for the Amador rail area of Las Cruces.

What’s the big deal about this particular site?

Its historic connection to the City’s legacies of agriculture and industry gives it a special identity. And while its assets have been underutilized in the recent past, a variety of residences and businesses have located there, with others suggesting they’d consider relocating if the mix of opportunities was right. That makes the area ideal for testing the City’s strategies for encouraging more integrated approaches to redevelopment.

What sort of strategies are we talking about?

They’re approaches to future development and redevelopment that — among other goals — make it more likely to broaden opportunities for employment; expand the range of housing choices; and increase options for walking or biking to most daily needs, instead of relying only on cars. To see how those ideas have been developed in the most recent City and County surveys and planning studies, check out the documents here.

Who’s behind the project?

The City of Las Cruces is providing the funding and oversight. The project was authorized by a City Council resolution adopted on April 6, 2015.

How much does it cost?

The April, 2015 resolution authorized an expenditure of $73,057.

How will the Amador plan take shape?

The City has hired the PlaceMakers, LLC consulting team to organize and facilitate a collaborative, five-day community workshop called a “charrette.” Based on what the team understands to be goals for the plan, its design and policy specialists will present a series of alternative approaches for City staff and the community to review. Using input from those discussions, the team will use time within the charrette and afterward to steadily refine ideas and designs into a final version of proposals for consideration of City staff, citizen review boards and the City Council.

When and where will the charrette take place?

The charrette will be held at the Alma d’arte Charter High School, 402 W Court Avenue, June 25-29.

Who’s invited?

Everyone, especially those who live and work in and near the neighborhood. For a schedule of meeting topics and times, go here. And to stay on top of everything that’s happening, sign up for our email list in the right-hand sidebar column.

How long will all this take?

Participants will have a pretty good idea of the direction of planning at the closing presentation of the charrette on June 29. The consulting team will tweak what they learn from that presentation and follow-up discussions with City staff into a final draft. Completion of the whole process depends upon the City’s schedule for review. But it’s reasonable to think a plan will be available for consideration in the fall of 2015.