Process Diary | June 29, 2015


Here It Is, Folks: A draft plan for the Amador neighborhood

With four days worth of intensive collaboration behind us, proposals for a neighborhood plan for the Amador area have jelled.

Now comes a presentation that applies everything that’s been learned. The event starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Alma d’arte Charter High School at 402 West Court Avenue in Las Cruces. Please be part of the community review.

Here’s how some of the locals view the opportunities:

The proposals in tonight’s presentation are tentative, of course. They’ll be further refined in public sessions that follow the City’s usual public review schedule before the City Council considers them for adoption. But the idea testing that’s led into tonight’s wrap-up presentation reflects the contributions of community members and business people from the neighborhood and beyond.

We even got some advice from our local coffee supplier:


Tasty! Java, and sage advice, courtesy of Beck’s Coffee.

Public sessions kicked off on Thursday night, June 25, with more than 50 locals chiming in on ideas. You can review that evening’s discussion here.

On Saturday night, June 27, the consulting team pinned up work in progress for a community critique. We reported on that meeting here. Comments from that review were considered for tweaks to the proposals that will be aired tonight for another round of input.

If you’re just coming to the project, you can read about its background in a quick overview here and some Frequently Asked Questions here.

We hope you can make the wrap-up event tonight. But even if you can’t be here in person, you can follow progress here on the website. We’ll have a report of Monday’s meeting up by midday on Tuesday.

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