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Amador Neighborhood Planning Kicks Off Thursday, June 25

In planning studies and surveys over the last few years, residents and businesses in Las Cruces have signaled their desire for growth-guiding strategies that deliver more choices and more opportunities for those who live and work in City neighborhoods. What might that look like in a specific City neighborhood?

Beginning with a June 25 introductory presentation and discussion facilitated by the city’s consulting team, community members will collaborate with City staff and the consultants in a five-day workshop to shape a redevelopment plan for this Amador neighborhood.

For an overview of project goals, go here. For deeper background, check out this FAQ. And for a schedule of opportunities to listen to ideas and to share perspectives during the five days of community collaboration, go here.

The workshop is in the form of a “charrette” — a collaborative community format that maximizes the expertise and experience of both a consulting team and community members. It starts with an open-house presentation and discussion of project goals, then over the next few days moves into idea-testing and revision until there’s a preliminary draft of proposals that seems to enjoy community consensus.

What makes the collaboration work best is to have the right people in on the conversation. That means property owners and developers, as well as residents, business people and City officials. It means getting future employers talking about how a better place makes for a better environment for hiring and retaining future employees. And it requires a discussion that includes community non-profits that deliver important services, as well as those they serve.

Fortunately, preliminary chats with people who represent many of these perspectives suggest we’ll have the participants we need to move from promising ideas to meaningful action. That includes a commitment from elected officials, such as City Councilor Nathan Small, whose District 4 includes the Amador neighborhood:

Because connecting residents with jobs is a primary goal, charrette discussions will include employers already in the neighborhood and ones considering a move there, such as Sitel executive John Muñoz:

As we report daily on this website during the charrette, we’ll be adding perspectives of others. We hope you’re among those lending expertise.

Whether you’re attending meetings in person or not, you can follow the progress through every stage by checking back on this website. You can comment or ask questions below each of these Diary posts or contact City staff directly here. And to make sure you’re on the list to receive regular email updates, sign-up in our right-column sidebar.

Looking forward to seeing you June 25.

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