Process Diary | June 27, 2015


What Do You Think So Far?
‘Pin-Up’ of ideas tonight

So far, community members have been instructing the project consulting team on their priorities for the Amador neighborhood. Now, it’s time for show ‘n’ tell.

Tonight (Saturday, June 27) at 5:30 p.m. at the Alma d’arte Charter School, team designers will pin up work-in-progress ideas for community critique. The work responds to discussions informed this week, first by Thursday’s opening-night discussion, then by a Friday evening meeting dedicated to neighborhood residential, business and infrastructure topics.

Neighborhood topics meeting.

Neighborhood topics meeting.

Many of the Friday-night topics were clarifications or more detailed versions of conversations from Thursday night. To download a summary of opinions from Thursday night, go here. Summaries of comments from the Friday meeting are here.

At tonight’s pin-up, community members will see how key ideas might play out in a preliminary neighborhood plan. Among the ideas is a tentative design solution for reworking Valley Drive to satisfy both the need to enable through traffic at speeds similar to what’s allowed now and the need to provide a safer environment for bicycle and pedestrian use and for stronger retail opportunities. Team designer John Anderson explains the concept:

Here are other components of the work-in-progress to explore:

  • An early version of a site plan that applies many of the ideas to the area under consideration.
  • The beginnings of a zoning map to describe the regulatory framework that enables proposed redevelopment.
  • An identification of where in the project area employment centers and residential housing might go.
  • An allocation of green space for parks, gardens and other public uses — perhaps in the vein of one participant’s suggestion Thursday night for design that resembles “skipping stones” of green space instead of — or in addition to — large park space.

Want to see a preview of what the design team is considering for tonight’s pin-up? Here’s a diagram that suggests the site’s opportunities and constraints and hints at where allocations of development and redevelopment might occur.

Working allocations of development and redevelopment opportunities.

Working allocations of development and redevelopment opportunities.

Sketches on display tonight will flesh out these ideas in detail.

What happens next?

The team revises designs and plans based on the Saturday night critique. The more refined version becomes the plan offered for review during the closing evening presentation on Monday at 6:30 p.m., also at the Alma d’arte school.

While that presentation and discussion completes the five-day community collaboration, it doesn’t end the review and editing of the neighborhood plan. Those steps will follow the usual ones required for adoption by the City Council.

We continue to need your participation to strengthen the plan. So please consider coming to these final meetings tonight and Monday. If you can’t join us in person, follow along on this website. We’ll be posting updates daily through Tuesday morning.

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