What’s Happening?

A healthy, prosperous community does a lot of things at once.

It provides housing choices for a broad range of ages and incomes. It has options for attending to most daily needs without relying exclusively on cars. It has jobs close to where people live to cut down on the time and expense of commuting and to assure employers access to potential employees.

The Amador neighborhood could be such a place — provided redevelopment is carefully planned to get the right mix of housing, workplaces and services and provided the new version of the neighborhood complements the aspirations of residents and businesses nearby.

The best way to do all that is to plan the redevelopment together. We want to leverage the experience and expertise of neighbors, property owners, City of Las Cruces staffers, and community non-profits to shape the plan.

That’s what this project is all about.

To learn more, check out the Frequently Asked Questions here. See the schedule for opportunities to participate. And follow along through each phase of the process in progress reports on this website.